Latest Bathroom Trend – Green Is The Way To Go

In recent years, “Going Green” has been an influential aspect to consider when evaluating any interior space designs. Do you realise that bathrooms are by far the main source of water use, despite being the smallest room in a residential or commercial space? The bathroom is the room where we do a variety of cleaning routines with the purpose of keeping us healthy. As such, water-saving and energy-saving features are becoming increasingly popular in bathroom innovations.

At American Standard, we have been raising the standards of not just sanitary levels, but also bathroom technology over the years, incorporating the green factor. The five features discussed below illustrate how American Standard stands out in terms of its environmentally friendly competences – from hand showers to faucets and toilets to shower toilets.

Airnergize Technology

Limited clean water sources have long been a global concern. 97% of the water on Earth is salt water and only three percent is fresh water. Saving precious water is an ongoing environmental concern. Choosing a different handshower or overhead shower with water saving capability not only lower your water consumption, but also brings down your utility bills.

American Standard addresses this concern with the development of Airnergize technology. This key feature, present in Acacia Evolution Collection handshower, offers a luxurious shower with 20% water savings. It works by drawing air into the water stream using a concealed opening at the bottom of the handshower. Water droplets will then be imbued with air bubbles resulting in a fuller shower spray, while effectively saving water.

Eco Handle Faucet

Unlike conventional mixers, American Standard’s Eco Handle releases cold water instead of warm water upon lifting up the lever. This saves precious energy as it prevents the boiler from heating up, providing up to 30% energy savings for homeowners. To get warm water, you only need to move the lever to the left.

Click Technology

Building on the “Green” aspect by American Standard, some of our faucets come with Click Technology. This technology initiates a resistance midway when lifting up the handle. This way, users will not use more water than necessary during the wash – an effective control against users’ instinct to raise the handle to full volume.

Rimless Flushing System

Another breakthrough in water-saving technology by American Standard is the Double Vortex Flush that maximizes flushing performance with minimum water usage.

While traditional toilets with rim holes are susceptible to stain woes, Double Vortex Flush technology ejects 100% of the water through two water openings, creating a powerful vortex which cleans the bowl thoroughly. The rimless design further ensures no dirt accumulates over time, making cleaning a cinch.

Apart from an efficient flushing system, Double Vortex uses 2.6 litres of water for a half flush (compared to the usual 3 litres of water used in conventional dual flush toilets), and 4 litres for a full flush compared to 6 litres for a conventional single flush toilet. This equates to approximately 22,776 litres of water saved in a year for a family of 4.

One-touch Power Saver

For most American Standard shower toilets and electronic bidet seats, users have the option to switch to power saving mode.

At a touch, water heating and seat heating functions shut down while cleansing and flushing features will still operate. Original settings will resume after 8 hours, saving a whole day’s worth of energy consumption.

Additionally, American Standard boasts an energy saving intelligence to conserve more energy. The Aerozen shower toilet in the Milano collection is equipped with an automated circuit breaker that immediately cuts off the power supply during unusual power situations. This feature helps to further conserve energy.

Our efforts to raising the standard of living starts from our products. With these innovative green technologies to boot, American Standard aims to make the world a cleaner and greener environment for all.