How To Maximize Space In Small Bathrooms


With the current trend of smaller living spaces, one of the objectives in interior décor is to maximize the space we are getting out of every room in the home. In this instance, the bathroom. How can we save ample space in the bathroom to give it a bigger, fresher and livelier look? Can petite bathrooms really be a viable place to wind down after a long day?

Firstly, it is essential to know your bathroom design layout. Decide what you value most in your bathroom, be it a larger vanity, bigger shower area or the importance of a wet and dry zone and build from there. This helps in careful space planning for homeowners, particularly first-timers.

With this, we offer you a few nifty fixes you can easily employ that will help create a bigger look for your bathroom, with some good tips from our American Standard VP of Design, Antoine Besseyre des Horts.

Install Good Lighting

Plan your lighting carefully. In a small bathroom, good lighting in combination with bright walls and a large mirror helps to make the space airier and bigger. A window lets natural light in, opens the space to the outside and therefore evokes a sense of spaciousness. Try recessed lighting – it blends in well with any bathroom layout and does not “bring the ceiling down”, causing the bathroom to feel shorter. Recessed lighting also minimizes strong shadows and creates a softer environment. If you want to create a soothing ambience, you can mount wall sconces on the mirror or cove lights behind the mirror.

Alternatively, play with natural light and sunshine by fitting a window to allow more sunlight to enter and light up the bathroom.

Avoid Colorful Wallpapers

Colorful or patterned wallpapers are great if you want to personalize your bathroom and bring playfulness, however they often break up space as they can be very distracting to the eyes – making a constrained bathroom space appear even tighter. It is better to apply bright pastel colors of the same hues on the walls as they will reflect light and visually harmonize the space, giving an illusion of space.

On a side note, to express your sense of individuality, introduce colors to your bathroom space with accessories, towels and decorations.

Install Mirrors

A statement mirror can be your small bathroom’s focal masterpiece. Large mirrors influence an increased sense of space perception making the bathroom seem more open and airy without compromising the actual square footage. A tip from Antoine on creating visual space: To make your bathroom feel bigger, brighter, and more open, you can apply a large mirror stretched across the entire wall above the sink or counter. It adds some spaciousness and depth to your bathroom as the mirror reflects the light and the whole environment.

Another space-saving trick is to install mirrored cabinets. Not only will it give you extra storage, but also serve a dual function of making your small bathroom look roomier.

Install Built-in Fixtures and Storage

Avoid placing a stand-alone cabinet in your bathroom for storage as they consume additional space both on the floor and walls. Built-in storage is the perfect way to hide clutter, offering a sleeker solution and enhancing the feeling of space in a petite bathroom.

“Install a wall mounted vanity, it will trick the eye by making the bathroom seem larger. If you must use a free-standing one, opt for one with slimmer legs as they give an optical illusion of more open space,” offers Antoine.

Choosing the Right Bathroom Wares

You can optimize the functionality and accessibility of the space by choosing the right combination of bathroom wares and fittings. For example, opt for a corner sink that does not consume as much space as a regular sink. Similarly, wall-hung basins keep the floor area clear. You can also save space by installing a wall mounted faucet which allows for a narrower sink or vanity.

In the shower area, consider a fixed see-through glass panel instead of a glass shower door that requires additional space for opening and closing. Alternatively, install a clear shower curtain which can be easily tucked to the side when not in use, so you can see all the way to the back wall.


Every inch of space in your bathroom is a luxury – utilize it!

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