Spruce Up Your Bathroom With These Three Latest Trends

When it comes to home renovation, communal spaces like the living room, dining area and kitchen often take center stage. Instead of fussing over multi-use kitchen islands and bespoke bar counters, why not put in a little more thought to the tranquil sanctuary that’s the bathroom?

Once taken for granted as a strictly utilitarian space, the bathroom can transcend its basic purpose and be transformed into a serene haven for relaxation or a sleek space that doubles up as a storage area – with a touch of clever planning and creative styling. From lux designs to pared-down sophistication, here are three of the latest bathroom trends to inspire your next bathroom remodel :

1. Compact Chic

Spruce up your bathroom with these three latest trends 1

Urban living doesn’t have to put a dampener on style. Often cited as a big constraint, even the smallest bathrooms can be optimised with thoughtful design and careful planning. Start by creating extra usable space with the clever use of slim silhouettes and discreet storage space.

Designed to help urban dwellers effortlessly maximise the use of their limited apartment space, the American Standard City Collection is the definition of form meets functionality.

Take, for example, the stylishly designed City Wall Hung Toilet with CrystaSleek. Ultra compact with a contemporary-looking glass panel, metal frame and logo tag, it boasts maximum flushing performance while minimising water usage. Paired with the beautifully designed vanity that features concealed multi-function compartments and built-in power points for hair dryers and shavers, the collection’s perfect for urbanites.

Looking to amp up the style factor with a touch of elegance? Look no further than the Acacia SupaSleek Collection that’s inspired by form and simplicity. Marrying ultra-thin edges with super sleek lines, the collection’s products – such as the Acacia SupaSleek Vessel, Acacia Evolution Wall Mount Basin Mixer and Toilet with slim tank lid – won’t look out of place in any modern, compact home.

2. Luxury Spa Sanctuary

Spruce up your bathroom with these three latest trends 2

Transform the bathroom into a lush spa sanctuary for some well-deserved relaxation at the end of the day.

Besides injecting calming colours – think warm whites and light neutral tones – and relaxing scents, lavish fittings and luxurious finishings are a must. For a classic yet opulent finishing that will stand the test of time, go for elegant marble. If a contemporary style is preferred, sleek granite will do the job.

No spa is complete without a soothing massage to calm the senses and wash away the tiredness. American Standard Signature Collection bath and shower mixer provides just the perfect pressure for a luxurious massage-like shower experience with its air-infused water.

Coupled with its smooth curved joints and seamless chrome finishing, there’s no doubt that it’ll fit right into the luxury spa theme.

3. Modern Minimalist

Spruce up your bathroom with these three latest trends 3

The KonMari mania may have waned but the minimalist aesthetic is here to stay. A timeless concept that shows no signs of abating, the understated look works well with a pristine white or neutral color palette.

While this pared-down style is big on streamlined simplicity, it doesn’t have to be plain or boring. Lend a touch of personality to an otherwise neutral space with a bold pop of color. The EasyFLO Collection comes in a selection of carefully curated colours, which allows you to accentuate details while adding some oomph to a minimalist design. Not just a collection that wows with its sophisticated sleekness, the EasyFLO is also designed with functionality in mind. With the EasyFLO’s intuitive press button, making a mess while struggling to turn on the tap with soapy hands will be a thing of the past.

So, which of these three trends are you leaning toward? Whether you are inspired to go with the minimalist movement, wish to pay tribute to your favourite spa or simply trying to make the best of the limited apartment space you have, you can be sure that American Standard has just the perfect fittings you need to remodel your bathroom.