Spend Lesser Time Cleaning Your Toilet

When it comes to domestic chores, putting on a pair of latex gloves and scrubbing toilets remains low on people’s priority list, as few fancy getting their hands dirty – literally. Could there be a way to automate the process so we have the luxury of time for something more important, like spending time with our family?

In the Spalet product range, we leverage on 50 years of shower toilet expertise from one of our three brands – INAX. Read on to find out how these innovative features keep both you and your bathroom clean and hygienic.

Seamless Seat

One of the more cumbersome parts of toilet cleaning is the need for cleaning tools, just so you can reach into crook and crannies where bacteria may linger and accumulate. Typically, heated seats require two-piece construction, which usually results in a visible seam that collects dirt and bacteria. An exclusive INAX process encases the seat’s warming element between two stain-resistant resin pieces, which are now fused and polished together, removing the visible ridge of traditional toilets where dirt and bacteria may accumulate. This makes cleaning a breeze.

Smart Disinfectant Technology

Enter PlasmaCluster – a tested and proven air disinfecting technology that purifies both the toilet bowl and the entire bathroom for you in a safe way. Specifically, it is a patented air disinfectant technology that releases both positive and negative ions into the environment. When the ions come in contact with the surface of a mold spore, bacteria or virus, they transform into OH radicals with extremely powerful oxidation properties. The OH radicals instantly draw hydrogen from the proteins on the bacteria surface and breaks down the proteins. The combination of an OH radical with hydrogen (H) then creates water (H20), which returns to the atmosphere.

The PlasmaCluster is one of the many touch-free technologies in our Spalet product range that does not require manual activation after bathroom use. This means you can relax and enjoy a new feeling of cleanliness with minimal effort.

Aqua Ceramic – 100 Years of Clean

The revolutionary Aqua Ceramic Technology which features super-hydrophilicity on the ceramic surface, allowing waste to be lifted off with just the power of water, comes with a decade long declaration of clean. The innovative technology comes from INAX to combat stains and water scales from building up in the toilet bowl. To prevent hard water stains that occur when silica in the water chemically combines with hydroxyl groups (-OH) on the surface, Aqua Ceramic technology utilises a structure without exposed hydroxyl groups. This keeps the ceramic surface flat and smooth, and stops the formation of hard water stains. The accelerated wear test attests to approximately 70,000 wet sponge cleaning cycles i.e. cleaning with a wet non-abrasive sponge twice a day, every day.

Comfort Clean Technology

ComfortClean is an antibacterial glaze containing zinc oxide as an antibacterial agent which is applied on top of the China glaze on the ceramic bowl. The ComfortClean glaze is fired into the ceramic ware at more than 1000 degree celsius to ensure long lasting effectiveness protection against bacteria and germs. Tested by the Industrial Microbiological Services Limited (IMSL), ComfortClean inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew, making cleaning hassle-free and eliminating the probability of catching E.Coli bacteria which can cause stomach distress.

Anti-bacterial Seat

A primary motivation for cleaning toilets on a regular basis is to keep it free of E.coli, a fecal-borne bacteria that is transmittable, contagious and clings to seats. Even if you were to scrub toilet seats clean with the best detergent, it is hard to avoid coming into physical contact with toilet surfaces which may harbour the illness-causing bacteria. Our Spalet range of shower toilets, e-bidets and manual bidets come with anti-bacteria seat and cover. We are also the first to be SIAA certified for antibacterial efficacy on toilet seats. SIAA (Society of Industrial Technology for Antimicrobial Articles) is a global standard measuring antibacterial activity on plastics and other non-porous surfaces.

Detachable Self-Cleaning Nozzles

Although the cleansing nozzles do not come into direct contact with the user, users may have a fear of backsplash on the nozzles. With our Spalet bidet range, the nozzle tips are rinsed before and after use to ensure quality hygiene standards. Some of our bidet seats and shower toilets come with nozzle shutter to further protect the nozzles. For additional peace of mind, homeowners can even detach the nozzles for easy cleaning, doing away with the traditional and unnecessary labour of cleaning the nozzles from inside of the bowl. Similar to the seat, our self-cleaning nozzles are also designed with anti-bacterial additives infused into the material.

Minimal cleaning effort, sparkling clean toilet and fewer visits to the doctor. Can there be a better winning combination than our Spalet product range?

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