Building Purposeful And Safe Bathrooms For Families

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Building the perfect bathroom that caters to everyone in the home is no longer just about mulling over themes, colours, or lighting styles. Especially for shared bathroom situations, it needs to be a room that both the young and old can enjoy. The right design can bring a soothing spa-like experience to the bathroom, and essentially safety.

As one of the iconic brands in sanitary ware, American Standard continues to raise the standard by creating complete bathroom solutions that exude an inviting style and design products that are beautiful, purposeful and safe for everyone in the family. Here are some practical and innovative solutions by American Standard that can enhance your bathroom experience in a family-friendly space.

For the Elderly

The elderly require extra attention and care in your home, particularly the bathroom. Common bathroom hazards like a slippery floor and non-existent grab bars have often posed dangers for the older folks.

While it may not be entirely possible to demarcate wet and dry areas in a bathroom, there are ways to minimize the risks of an accident-prone wet floor.

Take American Standard range of Spalets for example. These shower toilets, electronic and manual bidet seats provide ease of cleaning and heighten hygiene levels for the elderly. Unlike trigger sprays which leave floors wet, Spalets give you total control on water spray strength without getting your hands and floor wet, minimizing any risk of slipping accidents.

With remote control panels that are either hand-held or located conveniently on the side of the toilet, the elderly do not have to twist their backs to flush. Automatic opening of the toilet lid means there is no need for the older folks to bend over to close the seat and cover. The night light feature on selected Spalet models increase night visibility and reduces the danger of falls in the bathroom for the elderly

Some elderly who face difficulties lowering themselves onto a traditional toilet seat will benefit from American Standard toilets that are designed at a “right height” – the same height as a standard chair. This makes getting on and off the toilet easier. Additionally, the toilets incorporate a Comfort Curve Seat feature that ensures an ergonomic fit around the posterior. This avoids painful seat marks, especially during long bathroom visits.

For the Children

Hygiene is one of the greatest concerns for all parents when it comes to children in the bathroom. American Standard range of Spalet products features anti-bacterial technology on toilet seats and covers, nozzles and remote control panels to inhibit bacteria breeding, so parents can have peace of mind. Furthermore, the ComfortClean technology on the Spalets effectively kills E.Coli bacteria.

Safety is another big concern for children. American Standard thermostatic faucets with ThermoComfort technology provide a constant and comfortable temperature for the entire family, and with a safety feature like ThermoSafe – parents can rest assured that no scalding incidents will happen as it has a safety temperature control up to 49°C, with an auto shut-off function when cold water supply fails.

Faucets with CoolShield ensure that the body of the shower faucet stays cool and prevent scalding shocks, especially for curious and active children.

Slow closing toilet covers are also a must for child-friendly bathrooms. It ensures minimal noise when closed, and most importantly, minimize the risk of little fingers getting trapped or injured.

For the Parents

When an extended family lives together, the bathroom suddenly becomes a room of heavy traffic. And quite possibly, cleaning becomes a chore.

Besides anti-bacterial features, American Standard Spalets and selected toilet models are designed and built with Aqua Ceramic technology that easily removes dirt and stains. Featuring super-hydrophilicity on the ceramic surface, waste can be lifted off with just the power of water, promising 100 years declaration of clean.

Most parents are working adults with hectic lifestyles. Convenience is a big buzzword to this group of time-deprived individuals. With just a push of a button, the American Standard EasySET shower elevates your shower experience to a whole new level of enjoyment – something that exhausted parents would be thankful for after a long stressful day.

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