A shower for every personality

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Ever had a bad shower, and felt really unsatisfied by the experience? Perhaps because the water pressure was just not right, or the jets of water were too sparse? Or perhaps the water temperature kept fluctuating so you kept either getting a cold shock or scalded?

Chances are, different aspects of a shower experience will bug each person differently – whether it’s the water pressure, temperature, or even the cleanliness of the showerhead. And that’s probably an indicator of what’s most important to you in your daily showering routine, and perhaps even your personality. And why deal with an unsatisfactory shower every single day anyway? Maybe if you took a minute to consider what kind of shower you like best, and fit your bathroom to suit that preference, then every shower session could be the highlight destressor of your day.

Here are 4 different personalities that you might identify with:

1) The Eco-conscious High-flyer

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Do you often find yourself craving a luxurious shower experience to relieve stress after a long day, but don’t want to waste water and harm the environment? While rain showers may seem like the most luxurious yet water-wasting form of a shower, the good news is that some of them actually use less water than a regular showerhead. All you need to do is find the right ones.

For instance, the American Standard EasySET Exposed with Integrated Rainshower Kit incorporates Airnergize technology, where every single water droplet is infused with air. That way, even though less water is being used, the pressure of the water flow is not compromised, and neither is the shower experience.

2) The Creative Spirit

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If you’re the sort who loves customizing your home environment, then the bathroom is probably no exception. Set your shower time to some ambient music of your choice, soothing aromatic candles, and even colored mood lighting for the ultimate relaxation. These days, you can even change the lighting via voice control thanks to smart home technology.

Plus, you could also add little customized touches such as plants or sculptures on the shelf, or even install a showerhead which sports your favorite color.

3) The Clean Freak

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Perhaps to you, a shower is more than just a token rinse off. It’s a chance to scrub down and get squeaky clean. And if you’re the sort who’s particular about hygiene, then choosing the right soap or washing out your loofah might only be the beginning of your concerns. You might also want a showerhead that’s easy to keep clean, so you can rest assured that every drop of water it spouts is uncontaminated.

That’s where translucent showerheads such as GENIE by American Standard comes in. Its see-through casing provides the ultimate assurance that every shower is free from dirt and grime. And if what you see is not satisfactory, the showerhead is also easily dismantled so you can take it apart and wash each individual piece, and make sure you’re getting the cleanest shower possible.

4) The Fuss-free Worker Bee

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Is the shower just a functional part of your daily routine, rather than something you particularly relish and enjoy? Then perhaps a straightforward, no-frills shower set is what would suit you the most. One that takes up minimal space, while still providing maximum value-added functionality.

For instance, the American Standard EasySET Exposed is a compact shower set that is both classic and functional. It is designed with a shelf just big enough to hold your necessary bath products, and also comes with an automatic temperature mixer so that you have full control of your water. That means no more sudden scalding hot spurts or freezing cold shocks mid-shower to ruin your mood – making it great for families with young kids too.

No matter what kind of shower you like best, these days there’s something for everyone. All you need to do is a little research, and pick the one that suits your personality the best, so shower time can not only be a smooth process but also a relaxing one every day.